im crying...

i just cant believe what happened
to my world ,
to my people,
to my culture,
to my surroundings,
to my traditions,
to my boy friends,
to my girl friends,
to my people thoughts,
to my boy friends thoughts,
to my girlfriends thoughts,
to the way it's not like it used to.
to the white that doesnt look white anymore.
to the dirt that isnot considered bad anymore.
to my head that is thinking about all this
and to my hand that collaborate with my head.

then my eyes...crying...
___ ___
. .
. .
. .




BERSABAR bukan menunggu
BERSABAR tak hanya diam
BERSABAR adalah terus berusaha
BERSABAR berarti tetap bertahan
BERSABAR yaitu tak kenal menyerah